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Slip Resistant Glass


 highly slip-resistant under normal service conditions even in wet areas. 
 is a unique colourless slip-resistant glass without altering its original aesthetics and optical quality. 
Wear Resistant 
is highly resistant to normal foot traffic and light wheeled traffic.  
Chemical Resistant 
 is resistant to a wide range of chemicals as no change in appearance is observed even after exposure to acids and bases. However, repeated or extended exposure to harsh chemicals can lead to increased wetting which in turn may reduce the slip resistant properties of the glass. 
Temperature Resistant 
is resistant to high temperature of up to 250º C. 
Low Maintenance 
 is economical in maintenance cost as it does not require any special treatment to preserve its functionality.  

We have used this glass for the steps of Vogue Jewelers

Vogue Jewelers Anti slip staircasc
Area of USAGE
• Commercial complexes 
• Glass floors 
• Lobbies 
• Dance floors 
• Studios 
• Catwalk 
• Bridges 
• Staircases 
• Outdoors

Product Specifications